Lifestyle Lawns

Are you

  • The owner of a lifestyle property with large lawns?
  • Considering buying a ride-on mower to cope with them?

Corporate Lawns provides a regular, mowing service for lifestyle blocks of half an acre upwards. Your country home will have a lawn as good as or better than your neighbours.

Corporate Lawns’ lifestyle services:

  • Regular large area mowing, edge trimming, lawn maintenance
  • Using the latest zero-turn mowing technology, you can choose from large area mowing with a catcher, or for the most cost effective option, ask how we can achieve a catcher finish at a fraction of the price
  • We work quickly and unobtrusively: a typical job takes between 1 and 3 hours
  • We own a huge range of specialist equipment, which means you don’t have to outlay the capital to buy your own

All our teams are OSH-compliant and Site-Safe certified.


Latest Special

August 2022

This time of year your lawnmower man cannot hide his poor service – weeds and lawns are growing at a PHENOMENAL rate so if he isn’t doing his job properly it will be showing NOW! Phone us now for a free quote and we will do the extra work required to restore your lawns AT NO EXTRA COST :)

Carpark Sweep Care

Corporate Lawns can sweep your car parks to ensure they look presentable.

Commercial Sweeping and Scrubbing in Auckland

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