Commercial Sweeping

Commercial Grade Machine Sweep is an economic and easy way to instantly improve the overall appearance your indoor and outdoor hard surfaces.

Regular sweeping can help prevent the establishment and growth of moss, algae and weeds. By removing these organic and decaying materials the surface can dry out quicker and therefore any weed seeds are less likely to find a suitable environment to thrive.

Carpark Sweeping

Carpark sweeping gives your property the pristine appearance that will impress customers and investors and retain the value of your property.

The accumulation of leaves from trees and garden, dirt, sand and rocks are unavoidable. Vehicles also drag dirt into the parking lot by driving. Our regular sweeping service will keep this to a minimum.

Properly maintained carpark, are essential to build customer loyalty and improve the overall image of the property.

Community Sweeping

Community Sweeping will keep your communities, unit blocks, retirement village and properties share common areas looking great. It is one of the most overlooked types of sweeping, but it is still important. Community sweeping services provide the following benefits:

  • Increases property value; provides neighbourhoods with that pristine appearance

  • Clean, well-groomed properties attract more tenants and customers, which makes it easier to keep them fully leased

  • Increases life of asphalt and concrete

  • Reduces liability and injury

  • Clean areas stay clean; people are less likely to throw their trash onto a sparkling clean property

  • Keeps leaves, dirt and debris out of the storm water drain. Therefore, preventing storm water run-off

Retail Centre

Litters in the corners, cigarette butts in the curb line, stains in the entrance area – these are common problems that you will see at those unwell-maintained carparks.  Your customers can make their visits to your property less frequent.

Commercial Scrubbing

Our commercial grade scrubbing machine will chemical wash, brush and vacuum clean your hard floor in one go.

We can scrub all concrete work areas, workshops, chillers, factories, greasy floor and any hard floor that requires wet cleaning. Using eco-friendly chemical and solvent, we can remove industrial powder, dust, grime, aged grease and stains that has been left on your floor.

Warehouse Sweeping and Scrubbing

Warehouse, factory and industrial site are mainly cleaned for reason of its employees’ health and safety, and regulations and inspection guidelines deemed necessary for their work environment. If not for that reason, its main purpose is to simply present a clean, tidy and safety work environment  for its customers, stock layout and any unannounced board of directors that may be visiting soon.

When we come to your warehouse floor cleaning service, we will handle your warehouse cleaning task professionally and thoroughly.

Our services also ensures we will work with you and schedule your sweeping and scrubbing maintenance at times that our convenient for you and your customers.