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“We’ve been mowing lawns for businesses for many years.”



Although our name may be new to you, we’ve been mowing lawns for businesses for many years.

Formed in 1981 as Alfresco Property Services, in early 2007 we chose to re-brand to Corporate Lawns as this name reflects more accurately the nature of our work.

Our Services at a glance:

  • Lawnmowing, maintaining edges
  • Keeping gardens weed-free and trimmed
  • Water-blasting and low pressure building washdowns
  • Carpark sweeping
  • Garden makeovers
  • Arborist/tree services
  • Stump grinding

Our Guarantee to you: Quote within 24 hours, job done within 48 hours.

When you contact us, we’ll discuss your requirements and give you a written quote – within 24 hours, guaranteed. We’ll visit your site and then, provided we receive written acceptance of our quote and terms of trade, we can mow your lawns within 48 hours, guaranteed.

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Commercial Lawn Mowing Servicse

Whilst lawn care and lawn mowing are looked upon as one of the simpler elements to good property maintenance – at Corporate Lawns we know that with lawns, it’s the small details that count.

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Commercial Gardening

Garden development and maintenance is speciality. At Corporate Lawns, we provide a complete garden care. Our services include trimming and garden maintenance of common areas, including car parks.

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Commercial Tree Removal / Trimming / Moving

At Corporate Lawns we can provide for all gardening and tree work. From Hedge trimming to pruning and clipping of shrubs to large tree work including difficult and dangerous trees are our speciality.

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Commercial Scrubbing and Sweeping

Corporate Sweeping & Scrubbing provides indoor and outdoor environmental cleaning solutions for your properties. We offer Carpark Sweeping, Community Sweeping, Retail Centre, Warehouse Sweeping and Scrubbing and Commercial Seeping and Scrubbing.

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Commercial Ground Maintenance

Over the past 17 years, we’ve worked for more than 160 body corporates. We’ve built up a reputation for absolute reliability, excellent work and the ability to perform complete transformations.

Body Corporate Services

Commercial Property Maintenance Services

Rental Portfolio Services

Lifestyle Property Lawn Mowing


Latest Special

August 2022

This time of year your lawnmower man cannot hide his poor service – weeds and lawns are growing at a PHENOMENAL rate so if he isn’t doing his job properly it will be showing NOW! Phone us now for a free quote and we will do the extra work required to restore your lawns AT NO EXTRA COST :)

Carpark Sweep Care

Corporate Lawns can sweep your car parks to ensure they look presentable.

Commercial Sweeping and Scrubbing in Auckland

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